St. Augustine Birth Photographer | Baby C Home Birth

9:31 "I honestly have no idea what's going on with my body right now. . . Midwife said not to worry until it's actual contractions so don't be shocked if I call you later!"

10:09: "So. . . the midwife is on her way to come check me out. IDK whether to tell you to wait to confirm or to get your butt over here so you don't miss it."

I throw on some clothes and head to Daytona. . . 

11:01 : Baby arrives

11:10 : Photographer arrives

As I'm walking up the stairs I ask dad how she's doing "oh- yea she already had him"


Most frazzled I run into the bathroom to find mom in the tub with her very brand new baby totally cool calm and collected. Sense of humor fully intact and this momma is clearly a seasoned birthing pro. 

We met about 5 and a half years ago in a birthing class at the hospital as we prepared for the deliveries of our first born babes. So awesome to get to go full circle and be there for [or directly after] the delivery of her newest squish - who was just the most snugly guy ever!