St. Augustine Photographer | Project 365 : November

I love photography. I love looking at pictures, taking them, creating them - all of it. I have been so fortunate to turn what I love into a career. As this year went on I was photographing for my clients - but I wasn't creating anything for myself - and if I was I felt guilty because I had a million other things I 'should' be working on.

When I'm shooting for fun - I learn new tricks. I perfect old ones. I get to play around and make mistakes and just create without pressure.

So - this year I'm making a point to do just that. To stop- even if only for the briefest moment - pull out my camera and document what inspires me. I don't really have any guidelines other than that.

Every day for 365 days I will shoot something for myself. I'll blog 1-3 images from every day and share them with you bi-weekly to keep myself accountable. I would love your feedback. Some days I'm finding I'm more inspired then others, some images are better than others, but I make it a point to get my camera out every day regardless. 

This batch of images I was drawn to do all black and white. Who knows if that will continue - or for how long. I am giving myself full creative control with this project and am excited to see where it takes me. I have a few things in mind that I would like to learn from this project - but as with most things in life - I will probably take away very different lessons then anticipated when it's all said and done. 

So brace yourself for loads of pictures of my kids and likely lots of babbling from me.

This is #Project365 



Day 1 : November 15


Day 2 : November 16

Day 3 : November 17

Day 4 : November 18

 Day 5 : November 19

Day 6 : November 20 

Day 7 : November 21 


Day 8 : November 22 

Day 9 : November 23 

Day 10 : November 24 


Day 11 : November 25 


Day 12 : November 26 

Day 13 : November 27 

Day 14 : November 28 

Day 15 : November 29

Day 16 : November 30