My kid is not named after a camera | Cannon Daniel

When I was pregnant with my second baby we didn't know the gender until she was born. We also didn't know her name until after she was born. Boy or girl - we could NOT settle on a name. After she was born Milton said she looked like a Lena and I said OK - I was just ready for her to have a name at that point (incidentally I wasn't a fan of the name for the first few months).

Since we spent the better part of those 9 months thinking of names - it was a pastime that stuck around after she was born, even though we were not planning on having more kids (jokes on us). 

One night we decided Cannon would be an awesome boy name - and a few months later when we got pregnant - before even finding out the gender (although I intuitively knew well before the ultrasound) we remembered that name - and stuck with it. 

Given my job, people always assume he is named after a camera, which in retrospect makes sense. But REALLY - he is named after my dad - Chris Cannon. My dad has two girls, and my sister isn't having any kids, so I wanted to be able to pass down his name. Incidentally my love for photography comes from my dad without a doubt - although he was always more of a video guy then still photography. Admittedly I shoot with a canon camera, and always have, BUT I do so because of the name loyalty - even though there is no relation. My dad kept saying during my pregnancy that we were setting ourselves up for a strong willed rebel child with a name like that - and while he is only 6 months old- he is the happiest sweetest soul ever. Like seriously all you have to do it look in his direction and he gives the biggest grin and squeeks. 

So now you know! 

Also - I got a new canon (note the one N) on black friday - and the combination of Cannon with the new canon is pretty awesome if I do say so myself!