Flagler Hospital Birth Story | St. Augustine Birth Photographer

Some babies come before their due date. Some come after. Seldom do they come on the actual day they are expected - but this little lady did! When I was editing this session at one point Adele came on the radio and it felt most fitting - so I'll let her take over this blog post from here: 

When the rain is blowing in your face,
And the whole world is on your case,
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love.
When the evening shadows and the stars appear,
And there is no one there to dry your tears,
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love.
I know you haven't made your mind up yet,
But I will never do you wrong.
I've known it from the moment that we met,
No doubt in my mind where you belong.
I'd go hungry; I'd go black and blue,
And I'd go crawling down the avenue.
No, there's nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love.