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I've finally reached that portion of 365 I knew was inevitable - the slump. Balancing three kids is hard as heck - add in a camera I can't afford to mess up (I broke a lens last week - wahhh) and the fun moments are going undocumented for more "oh crap! I need a picture! Here's my kid sleeping again!". But I'm pushing through and just waiting for inspiration to pick back up. The good news is I've been doing this long enough to know that inspiration comes and goes, it's just a matter of time. But while photographing 365 has felt like more of a chore lately, life has been unfolding fabulously. 


Asheville. Life. Synchronicity. 

I have SO MUCH I want to say. My heart and my mind are on fire.

Last time we went to Asheville I remember at one point sitting at a restaurant and looking over at my daughter Summer- who looked absolutely  beautiful. I also remember I couldn't capture the beauty with my lens no matter how hard I tried. She was looking out of the window, and I remember having this feeling literally take over my body of "this is your future". This moment pops into my head every time I think of Asheville. 

Then que the pure fucking chaos I've written about in nearly every single 365 post, and Asheville was not even on my radar. 

At the start of this year we moved back to Anastasia Island. At one point I  had a dream of Asheville and instantly become run over by fear. I was horrified to go back.

A few years ago I learned I was conceived there. Since a part of me has always felt so drawn there I feared it was because life was going full circle and I was going to die there (oh hello anxiety, fancy seeing you here). 

I don't believe in coincidences. And 2016 has been bursting at the seems with them. For the sake of time, I'll leave it that. Asheville won't stop popping up. Last week we were able to make a very last minute trip there (I'm talking under 48 hours of planning - which with 3 kids + 2 dogs is like 75 seconds in normal time). Oddly enough all fear washed away and I was SO. EXCITED.

We made it to town safely, and it was amazing.

I knew international women day was happening that week. I remember staying up in our cabin the night before searching for an event to attend while we were in town.

In contrast with what others were saying, for me there was nothing particularly 'energetic' about the (new moon + solar eclipse + international womens day) night, if anything it felt very 'sober' if you will. However from walking the streets on the way there, to the workers and shoppers at the co-op, to the actual event that night I kept seeing people and thinking/ getting that feeling of  'I know you / where do I know this person from?!'. The frequency of this phenomenon was  beyond any range of 'normal'.

Someone we had never met approached Milton and asked how she knew him/ our family (I only caught the tail end). 

Right before we were leaving one of the men running the event went to speak and I was swept over with some serious deja vu. In case I haven't mentioned before - I hate deja vu. But in this weird instance, while frightening, it felt OK. 


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