On Politics | Project 365 {Days 96-106} St. Augustine Photographer

I've always been huge into politics. Years before I could legally vote I watched all the debates, went to the rallies, and stayed up all night watching the votes roll in.

Spoiler alert: I'm pretty outspoken. In years past I've been highly verbal about my political opinions. Due to getting older, a diverse group of friends, owning a business, and a million other reasons, I'm learning to keep my political thoughts to myself. I emphasize learning here because it is a work in progress and one heck of a habit to break.

If you're a republican- you're a narrow minded bigot. If you're a democrat- you're an entitled brat who just wants free stuff. No matter where you fall on the spectrum - there are people who will rip you to shreds and, frankly, think less of you.

There is no room for respectful dialogue. People form their opinions and then blinders go up. Its like two parties fighting two simplified halves of larger issues. People are so hell bent on their half of things that they refuse to see that no issue is black and white. Case and point - look at the posts and memes that go viral. On both sides we get an oversimplification of complex issues coupled with snide comments and TADA! Social media gold!

I think it's safe to say I burnt a few bridges last election (FYI - avoid mixing politics, wine & the internet). I don't want to do that this year. I don't want to be looked down upon because I have certain views and I don't want to alienate anyone because they have different views from mine.

The reality is we are humans. And like it or not, we all have our flaws and they run deep. We can all be greedy. We can all be arrogant.  We can all be bigots. We can all be entitled and selfish. We can all say stupid shit and be flat out wrong. But we can also be really great things- compassionate, forgiving, strong, resilient. It's easy for us as HUMANS  to compartmentalize. But none of these characteristics are exclusive to any one person, let alone a political party.

So here's to the 2016 election & staying informed while remaining civil.

Oh and ps. the Florida Presidential Primary election is Tuesday March 15. You can only vote under the party you're registered under. To check your registration status and find where you vote go HERE

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