Lena Turns TWO! | St. Augustine Family Photographer

How does this happen?? No seriously. 

This is my BABY.  How is she turning TWO?!?

This girl is full of an insane amount of personality. Funny as can be. Even more feisty than funny. I l just love my bug!

Three years ago (WHAT?!) when my oldest turned two we had her pictures taken in this very dress on this exact beach. . . Obviously I had to re-create it with Lena! I was waiting until the last possible minute to take these pictures as she JUST started getting hair the past couple months and big sister already had long hair in her version of the pictures. I was convinced Lena would also have long locks if I just waited a little longer. Jokes on me because big sis decided that they needed hair cuts - so she got the scissors and went to work. So that pretty much sums up our life! 

Anyway! Here is my bug  - in all her short haired glory - turning two!