Independence Day | St. Augustine Family Photographer

I love making things. This year I got a sewing machine and I've been teaching myself how to sew. I was pretty stoked how the girls' memorial day/ 4th of July dresses came out - so we headed to the beach and I snapped a few pictures of the girls in their DIY dresses (my nesting theme of this pregnancy was making dresses for the girls - so they are obviously going to grow up to be super cool LOL).  Cannon man was tired and not in the mood for pictures - but I did get a hilarious blooper that captures my life with all 3 kids pretty well!

Vilano at sunset has to be my favorite place to go unwind after a stressful week. It is always so beautiful and peaceful. 

In other news -I am officially back to taking on sessions after having my little man! This month I will mostly be getting everything ready for the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project and I am SO excited for all of the big things happening there!!

Life with three little people has been pure chaos. Most days I don't know if I'm coming or going. I had so much I planned to get done during my month off. Want to know how much I actually got done? NADA. All that to say - while I am officially back to work - I am only taking on a very limited amount of sessions over the next few months while we find our rhythm - so if you're wanting to book a session don't wait! 

 I hope you all have an AMAZING holiday weekend - I'm looking forward to another awesome year in the nations oldest city!