It's a GIRL | St. Augustine Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

After four consecutive boys this family finally got their little lady!

I was at a festival at the library right after my second was born and this momma rolled in (smiling!) with with her four boys like it was no big deal - her youngest only a few months older than my tiny baby. When I venture out in public with my three kids I am usually overwhelmed, over stimulated, and excited to return to home to my shell. Not this woman. If anyone was made to have a big family - it is these two! 

In addition to raising a family of their own they have always been there for our family when we needed them. I am forever grateful for the love they have extended us through the years, and I couldn't be happier for them as they welcome their newest family member. I am excited to see how she fairs with her four older brothers - there's no doubt that she is so loved.