Pregnancy and Motherhood in St. Augustine | Well Women 360

I met with local midwife, Lorraine Searle, several months ago at Kookaburra to discuss her vision for Well Woman 360. It's no secret that I'm a little rough around the edges, so 'business meetings' usually make me itch ;) .  However it took no time to get comfortable, Lorrainewas such a sweet and caring spirit out the gate. I fell in love with her vision and desire to support moms in our community and I am SO excited that this space is becoming a reality for local moms. 


What is Well Woman 360?

In short, it's a space for mothers to come, connect and get support from their peers and professionals alike. They will have childbirth classes, nutrition classes, massage, yoga, exercise classes (hello pelvic floor!) - you name it! They also have an awesome Montessori inspired play space for the toddlers.  There are different packages offering different services - including a home visit from Lorainne post-partum to check on mom + baby. As someone who has had both home and hospital births seeing the best of these two worlds merge makes me giddy. 

The website went live this week so you can find more information there (linked at the bottom). And they are opening their doors on San Marco soon! This is such an awesome development for moms in our community - almost makes me want another baby (hah! kidding!).