My Favorite Blog Posts

I fell into writing. I'm not fully sure how I got here but I imagine it is the result of my tendency to over-share coupled with my long history of keeping a journal. And while writing is  something I never saw myself doing by a long shot, I've always loved reading. And if you're like me and love reading here are some blogs worthy of your time. I've stumbled across these blogs throughout the years and their words, for one reason of another, really resonated with me and in some cases shifted my perspective. Some will make you cry, some will make you laugh. I would love to hear what your favorite blog posts have been that you've read at any point - leave a link in the comments!

On Photography: I cannot make you beautiful

Even though my blog is attached to my photography page it's not a photography blog which I suppose doesn't make much sense to some lol. But if there is one post that sums up how I feel about photography, this is it. I love it and wish all of my beautiful clients would read it. 

On Postpartum/ body image: Kate Middleton and the mom in the mirror

Oh this post made me cry. It forever changed how I viewed things and I am so grateful for how it opened my eyes. It's the kind of post you print out and put in a card that you give to a mom at her baby shower for her to read later. 

On divorce: To Choose Divorce Is Not To Choose Failure

So much of this. Addresses our beliefs on divorce vs what choosing to get divorced is really like. A must read, especailly for the 'marriage cheerleaders' of the world.

HumorOverachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies

If you read through the posts above safe to say you need a good laugh/ pick me up after all the heaviness I already shared. The first time I read this post I belly laughed so loud and so many times that I woke up my husband who was sleeping next to me. 

On parentingBeing a Parent AND a Friend: Why I’ll Never Separate The Two

Parenting feels like the most controversial topic of all, isn't that funny? I know many people do not agree with me here, but I think she beautifully expresses how I feel.

On marriage : The Wedding Toast I'll Never Give

A big fan of 'tell it like it is' I adore this post. A real glimpse of what it is to be and stay married. 

On Special Needs: An Open Letter to An Coulter

Anyone who knows me knows I cannot STAND when someone uses the r-word. This post, written by a man with down syndrome, so beautifully explains why recreational use of this word is so damning.