Moving on | Project 365 {Days 65-71}

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I'll never forget the night we got the keys to our house. I pulled into the garage that first night and it was an out of body experience. How am I old enough to be pulling into my own garage?? It didn't feel possible that this phase of life was here already. 

I'm not sure when, but the shock eventually wore off, and this house became our home. 

My oldest was just a baby when we moved here. It's all my younger two have ever known. Hell- my youngest was born in this home. My whole life, I've never lived in a house as long as we have lived here.

The space between these walls is so full.

So much laughter, so much pain, so many scratched knees in the driveway, so much beauty, so much LIFE.  

This home has been such a huge blessing and arguably the biggest blessing has been the family that lives across the street. They have become our lifeline. Our kids play together almost daily. My oldest daughter's first crush lives in that home - a 5 year old ladies man - who my daughter swears she's going to marry one day (and I secretly hope she does). I know that no matter what I can walk across the street and have an amazing friend to help me when the stir - crazy loneliness of motherhood takes over. I cannot put into words how much this family has done for us over the years. We literally could not have asked for better neighbors. 

But, for a multitude of reasons, we are closing this chapter. And today, as we pack our boxes and prepare for our move - I just want to honor this space, this home, this season of life. As with all big changes it is impossibly bitter sweet. This home that has been so, so good to us. Provided shelter and a safe place to rest our heads, and equally important, our hearts these past years.

I hope to  never forget our first home- the countless memories and the life we built here. 

*We are staying local - so no change for clients ;) 

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