Chasing the sunrise | Shark on Vilano Beach | St. Augustine Photographer

I've been taking advantage of the fact that Cannon, my 4 month old, doesn't sleep and have been chasing sunrises. It's been a beautiful way to start our days.

Sunday we were running behind and pulled into the Vilano parking lot at 7:10. I put Cannon in the ergo, grabbed my camera bag, and headed to the beach. We were walking to the rocks when we saw a couple people taking pictures of a shark splashing in water that wasn't even knee deep. I threw our towel down, took out my camera, and took to the water in an attempt to capture the shark as well.

Because we were late arriving and I wanted to get back in time to have breakfast with the girls we didn't stay long. Well, as it turns out, a shark bit a 16 year old who was swimming where I was photographing just after we left. 

I am always in awe of the ocean. It brings on such a peace but also demands respect. 

I am so thankful that both boys who were bitten this weekend (a 9 year old was also bitter about an hour north of us) lived to tell their stories. I will continue to keep them in my thoughts as they recover.