Summer turns 5 | St. Augustine Lifestyle Family Photographer

Nugget turns FIVE in a couple of weeks. She has taught me so so much during her half a decade here on earth. I really wanted to capture her spirit for her 5 year old pictures. While I love all the pictures of her from years past, I wanted something different.  I didn't want the same smiles that are all over the walls. She is growing so fast, changing so much. I want to remember her - how she is. I want to to remember WHO she is. This year has been a learning process, as all years are. Learning to let her be herself. Learning to let go of control when she decides she wants to wear sneakers with her dress. Letting go when she decided she wanted short hair even though I loved that her hair was finally growing. So this year, she picked out her outfit - layers on layers per usual. We went out back and I sat back with my camera and photographed her being her, in her environment. I must say these are of my favorite pictures of her to date. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, here's to millions more! xoxo