Sacred Beginnings Retreat - San Diego

I first met Danielle - creator of Sacred Beginnings- in an Itsy Bitsy yoga class she was leading back in 2010. The yoga was fun- my daughter and I both enjoyed it and learned a handful of useful tricks- but what I remember more than anything from those days was getting to be with other moms, and their babies, all different yet the same - and for an hour or more each week we would just sit and talk. About motherhood. About relationships. About life. I looked forward to class every week. 4+ years later and the majority of us moms are still in contact.

I didn't really know what to expect going into the Sacred Beginnings retreat - but I was not going to turn down the opportunity to photograph a retreat in California - so off I went.

As I've mentioned before - it takes me a while to unwind and remember how to relax; especially in new environments, where I tend to get sensory overload and turn into an even more yappy sarcastic version of regular myself. But as the retreat progressed I was able to find my little sliver of calm.

The moms there were all in different stages of life - and had come to the retreat for various reasons. But one thing that stood out to me above all else was the longing for, and consequently the building of, a community.  I witnessed these women excited to go home and expand on that community in their home towns.

As a society we are so hyper-focused on independence and individuality that we have - intentionally or not - abandoned the ideas of community and solidarity. So seeing this community form, and seeds planted for it to continue to grow, truly makes my heart happy.

Danielle has always had a gift for bringing people together and fostering communities. I couldn't think of a more perfect roll for her than to pass on her light to other women and have them share in her gifts of oneness. I am forever thankful for her passion and dedication to bringing moms together and am SO excited to see what the future holds for Sacred Beginnings - and for the unity it will bring to mothers across the world.