As this year comes to a close | Project 365 {Days 35-44}

This blog is a part of my project 365 series. Documenting life and sharing too much, every day, for 365 days. For previous entries see the link at the end of this page. 


As this year comes to a close I'm blown away that only a year has passed. Time is just such a fascinating thing.  

Its been a year of change. A year of deep heartache. A year of perseverance. A lot of learning. And then a lot more lessons. It's been painfully humbling yet been brilliantly resilient.

Life is full of its ups and downs. Always has been - always will be. I haven't fully sorted out how I feel now standing on the other side of this particular storm- but I feel different. Very different. 

And as the dark clouds continue to pass I have finally had an opportunity to wipe my eyes and look at the world around me. It feels different. Very different. And I am humbled, once again, that no matter how impossible parts of this past year have seemed - we made it out alive - and we are so goddamn blessed.  

Of the many many things this year has taught me - one is pretty consistent : like it or not, I have absolutely no clue what the future holds. 

So here's to 2016.
I am ready for you. 


Day 35 : December 19 

Day 36 : December 20

Day 37 : December 21

Day 38 : December 22

Day 39 : December 23

Day 40 : December 24

Day 41 : December 25

Day 42 : December 26

Day 43 : December 27

Day 44 : December 28