St. Augustine Family Photographer | Cannon 4 months

My sweet sweet boy is already 4 months old and tipping the scales at 16lbs 11oz. Man oh man how I love this little boy! Being that he's the third kid and life has been nothing short of crazy we almost didn't take these. But anyone who knows me and my OCD with traditions and all things scrap booking knows it had to be done! So here he is!

Dear Cannon, 

At four months old you're becoming an active participant in your environment. Looking around - interacting with us. You're stingy with your laughs but are the happiest most smiling baby I've ever met. All anyone has to do to get a giant grin from you is simply look your way and you give you giant crooked grin. Your expressions are hilarious. Your eyebrows are almost always raised. You love your toes and feet. And putting them in your mouth. You make it obvious where the  happy baby asana comes from. You're so active already - always kicking and punching and flailing about. You never sit still. You're also a super speedy grabber of anything within reach - your big sisters' hair, or dinner on the table. And in typical baby fashion it always goes straight to your mouth. You can sit up for a few moments - but then you fold forward. You are such a happy light in our lives and I cannot thank you enough for all the love and joy you have brought us already. I love you so so very much Mr. Man. 

Your Stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 11 oz (75%)  |  Height : 25.5 inches (50%)  |  Head Circumference : 43.5cm (85%)