James Cole

When I made the transition from sharing a page for my pictures and my cakes to separating them I had planned to have this page up and running with all my favorite shoots before I made it "live". I was letting this stress me out too much, and this is supposed to be fun, so I decided to post it and would get to transferring old images when I got to it! So here we are lol!

This handsome little man is my brother aka brudder bear/ stink. He has more spunk and personality in his pinky finger then most people I know have in their entire body (because spunk is contained in body parts of course!). He is big into all things baseball right now so we had a lot of fun with this shoot! What you can't see is during this shoot I had my 7 month old strapped to my back, while my 3 year old ran around like the wild woman that she is as we were taking these pictures. Needless to say it was a very fast (read 15 minuites) shoot before we headed over to the playground next to the baseball field to burn some energy! Never a dull moment.  Incidentally at the park I captured one of my all time favorite candid pictures of him and my daughter on the tire swing. He moves fast (seriously 24/7) and is super silly and bouncy so to to have frozen a real genuine smile of his makes my heart happy! He turned 10 a little while ago and it still blows my mind! Can't wait for him to be out of school for the summer so I can get some more sibling time in!