I can't wait to photograph your family!

Here are some things to note as you prepare for your session!

*please pass this link along to any adults who will be present for the session*

One of the most important elements of photography is lighting. With this in mind, it's important everyone arrives ready to begin shooting at the scheduled time. Doing so ensures we're able to take best advantage of available lighting.


What to Bring to Your Session:

  • ALL LOCATIONS:  Baby wipes (for dirty faces, boogies, the works)
  • WOODED LOCATION:  Bug Spray (like photographers, mosquitos tend to head outdoors for golden hour)
  • BEACH LOCATION:  Towel/change of clothes (At the end of the session kids love to play in the water. It often results in some of the best candid shots especially with the hard to crack kiddos, but a change of clothes is advisable so you're not in for a wet drive home). 

What NOT to Bring to Your Session:

  • Please do not bring drones or any other camera (phone, DSLR, go-pro etc.) to your session. I know you are SO excited to get shots of your family. However when parents and grandparents are trying to capture photos in addition to me it distracts the kids and someone always has wondering eyes. It also makes the kids burn out faster when they are surrounded by paparazzi/ aren't given a break from the camera. And standing behind me limits my range of motion when I am trying to get a shot. Sometimes I need to pull back to get a better or different angle and second shooters behind my shoulder make this impossible. It is also really distracting to me as I work. I am more then happy to answer any photography questions you have, but please leave your camera at home while we're shooting. 

FOR GROUPS WITH SMALL CHILDREN: We will make the session fun and mix it up as needed to ensure the shoot is an enjoyable experience for the kids (and adults). Kids don't understand the value in these photographic memories yet - so a little fun goes a long way in getting a good smile. When there is a large group of adults trying to get a kid/ group of kids attention it tends to be distracting and overwhelming, and often backfires. Because of this I ask only 1-2 people help me if needed to get the kid(s) attention/smiles. Kids also do much better when they are in a group with adults in the photo then when they are flying solo. Also keep in mind that yelling and punishments while we're shooting leads to grumpy and mopey kids - two things that don't make for good pictures.

WHAT TO WEAR: Transition glasses, neon colors, and big distracting words/logos on clothes are the only things I tell families to avoid. If you have transition glasses please bring a case with you so we can trick the lenses from going dark. I have wardrobe suggestions and color palettes on Pintrest if you're needing help. You can find the link here:

Who you're looking for:

My hair will be in a bun or braid and there is a high probability I will be in yoga pants so I can chase the little people/ get down on their level easily. I also have a green floral-ish camera bag. *I just cut 10 inches off of my hair - I will add an updated headshot soon!*

headshot copy.jpg


The balance of your session is due the day of your session. If you plan on paying with cash or check please have it with you, otherwise I can send you a PayPal invoice.


Because most sessions are outdoors we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. If the weather does not look great (rain, wind, smoke etc) we will reschedule. I usually wait until 2-3 hours before the session to call it for rain since our weather is so all over the place. If you're concerned about the weather the day of your shoot please feel free to call/text me and we can work through a plan. I only book one session/ day (either sunset or sunrise) so I have a built in makeup slot on any given day. The vast majority of my booked sessions are sunset so in the summer months where I'm usually booked every day makeup slots are often at sunrise. 

Remember to have fun! You hired a professional and are in good hands. I can't wait to meet you! 

My cell: 904-687-6584