Model Call | The Fat Files

What do you think of when you see fat people?

Do you see a health crisis? Do you see a global crisis? Do you even see the person at all? 

Fat humans are hardly shown in the mainstream. Even when we do see photos of fat people they are usually taken meticulously to make them look less fat.  For to be fat is viewed as a disgrace. 

I want to challenge that. I want to showcase fat men and woman in their bodies and celebrate the accomplishments they have achieved. Not because they are fat, not inspite of their fat - just awesome people doing awesome things. I want to showcase the souls within the shells. I also want to point out how shitty these amazing people are treated by society based on how they look. 

I am looking for 7-10 models for this project. Models will need to sign a release so their images may be used and shared publically. Your stories will be shared alongside your images. This is a passion project designed to evoke change and if you are selected to participate there is no charge and you will receive all of the images we create. If you are interested in participating we will take a few images showcasing you (setting / style of images will be based on stories you share). Your testimonies will also be shared. 

If you are interested in participating please email two statements: 1.) Tell me about something amazing you have accomplished in your life. It can be something you’ve accomplished personally, professionally, physically, charity you’re involved in etc. Whatever makes you awesome.  2.) Tell me how you have been degraded or discriminated against based on your size/ appearance. Can be by family, spouse, stranger, coworker, medical professional anything that has left a mark. Send statements to