Life Without Facebook | St. Augustine + Jacksonville Photographer

The title can be confusing because you probably saw this post on Facebook. Clearly I'm not entirely removed from the machine that is Facebook, but for the past year my experience has been different then in years past. 

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I think it's popular to hate on social media and technology, but I'm not really on that train. There is a lot I love about it. Being able to coordinate events, keep up with businesses in my community, have access to resources (ie photographers and moms all across the globe). I love being able to share my joys with people in my life and knowing that I am not alone in my struggles.

But Facebook was making me hate people I love. 

I stayed up all night watching election results and attending protests well before facebook existed. I continued to get a high from election years through college and beyond, when facebook was very much in the picture. I'd gladly drink and argue all things political until 3am. I was a proud political junkie most of my life, but like all junkies my drug eventually made me sick. 

Between friends constantly feeding my fire and others making me want to bang my head against the wall, facebook became overwhelming. It's good for people to have a voice, it's good for people to have discussion, it's so important for people to be educated. But we get so caught up in fighting things as if they are black and white that there is zero consideration that there could possibly be any grey.

It's easy to share a quick smart ass meme that validates your opinion, I know because I am so, so guilty. And damnit if there's anything that I love more than politics, its bitchy witty memes. But friends, family members, beloved clients and peers sharing bitchy umbrellas that were in stark contrast with my views just made me write them off as shit people. And writing people of as shit people really just made me a shit person. And really - there can't be THAT many shit people in the world. Especially people who prior to sharing their beliefs I believed to be good people. People, like political issues, are not absolute. However as a junkie I can't not engage. It's like an alcoholic at a bar. So I removed all of my friends from facebook and unfollowed 99% of the pages and groups I was in. Don't get me wrong- I still feed on the hard conversations - but I prefer them offline. And turns out prefer most people offline, too. 

It's been almost a year and I can't say I have done much of anything productive with the time I previously spent scrolling though facebook. If anything I just shifted my oversharing to Instagram where people can't interact in the same public way and posts only last 24 hours. Whatever the case I have zero desire to go back to the conventional use of FB. I still get to participate in the parts I find joy in, without burning bridges and sending myself into an anxiety tailspin over world events or people living more glorious lives then me. Let me tell you - facebook is so much more enjoyable this way. And lucky for me my lack of facebook friends hasn't stopped facebook from being the ULTIMATE creeper and listening in on private in person conversations and showing me adds related to what I was conversing.