Project 52 | Week 11 | St. Augustine + Jacksonville FL Photographer


We have all heard and cheered on the whole "it's always moms judging other moms! why can't we all just get along!" sentiment. And yea. That would be great even if not realistic. But I know something we can all agree on! Non-parents giving out parenting advice. Yea, just stop already.  You make moms of all walks of life roll their eyes to the back of their heads. And when it's someone you care about or respect it leaves you a fun mix of angry, annoyed and hurt. . No matter how well intending- you just don't get it. Even if they work with kids full time. It's just NOT the same. I remember before I had kids I was a nanny in school to work with kids. I also had two very young siblings. I knew it all. I wholeheartedly judged the parents of the "bad" kids. Good kids obviously = good parents and vice versa. HAHAHA. Kill me now. I tend to lean the blame of this on our whole 'children are to be seen, not heard', mentality - but I digress. I'm thankful for three kids who are WILDLY different from one another (despite having the same parents) to help put me in my place. And may all the other know it all judgmental ass-hats be blessed with the same. And in the mean time PLEASE keep your opinions to yourself.