Celebrating FOUR Years | St. Augustine + Jacksonville Photographer

Holy. Shit. 

I could cry. Emotions literally bubbling over as I write this. I am wrapping up the last couple weeks of my fourth year in business. . . Can someone pinch me? No- really. I couldn't have in my wildest dreams imagined what this year would bring.

As my business has grown I've instinctively shared less and less "personal" here (though still more than most because it's just who I am LOL). But those of you who have been here for awhile know that I got a divorce last year. The month the ink dried and the divorce was finalized was filled with a million emotions - one of which being fear. "How the hell am I going to stay above water with myself and these kids???". . .  and call it God, or call it the universe, or simply fate - but the month the divorce was finalized was the first month I made a full time, livable income. It took me off guard and I didn't trust I would stay that busy. But I've maintained it every month since the divorce.

I trust it now. 

I literally get to do what I love. Meet some of the most amazing people. Form great friendship AND support my family? Life can throw curveballs and it hasn't come without substantial blood sweat and tears - but damn do I feel incredibly lucky. 

I could never thank everyone who has made this possible enough. To the cheerleaders, the clients, the business partnerships - you all make my heart soar. I love you.

Heres to year FIVE