Project 52 | Week 1 | St. Augustine Family Photographer | Jacksonville Photographer

I've tried a 365 project many times. Basically you take a photo every day for 365 days. I did OK the first go around - but eventually got distracted with life. So this year I'm sticking with a project 52 - one photo every week of the year. I am all about realistic goals these days LOL! I should be able to commit to that. I NEED to commit to that. I need to be taking my camera out regularly to play with settings without the pressure of getting it right for a client. Play with edits without wondering if a client will like them/ what anyone thinks but myself. I need to take pictures of my kids and I need to keep learning. Oh do I have so much to learn. 

Week one and I am already slacking- hah! My camera is at Canon for repairs and I am sending my backup camera up for repairs this weekend too. So I will be camera less for a period of time! Crazy to think! So I've been trying to catch up from the last bit of last years sessions, and frankly a bit burnt out from the craziness of the holidays. And this crappy cold weather. . .  NOT HELPFUL! Then add on that even my backup camera has been glitchy (why does everything always break at once??) so it's been more stressful than fun to take pictures while my equipment is acting up. But I made a point to take a quick snap to say that I did before sending my camera off! So ta-da!