Project 52 | Week 3 | St Augustine & Jacksonville Family Photographer

Is seasonal depression in the sunshine state a thing??? That’s kind of a rhetorical question because I am on the struggle bus over here. I need the beach and the sunshine and to get out of this damn house. I just lay under the covers being unproductive and feeling shitty all day. Heat cranked checking the weather impulsively. Which sounds all warm and cozy and wonderful. . . but it got old weeks ago. We haven’t had a real winter in few years and clearly my brain and body do not know how to cope. Halp!!! I actually braved the cold today out of obligation and I feel 10x better - but still over it.


Also- make sure you look at my previous blog post . I’m doing mini sessions next month to raise money for my daughters teacher who is fighting cancer. Your support would mean the world. Even if you’re unable to book a session- sharing the link on social media or sending it to someone you think would be interested would be a big help.