Summer Turns SEVEN | St. Augustine, FL Family Photographer

Summer, Summer, Summertime <3


My great big girl is SEVEN. I don't even know how that happened. You started school this year. First grade. You seem really happy - and I am thankful that we are still really close. You actually get along with your sister lately which is just the most beautiful thing to me. You have the most nurturing heart. You're a natural born mother. You care for your siblings and all your younger friends with such compassion it makes my heart soar. One day I want to be the mother I see you already being. You're all about inspector gadget and Pokemon and haven't lost your inner dork which I adore. But you also like to play "popular" and act like a totally obnoxious valley girl. It's painful to watch, but also comical. I love you so much sweet girl. Thank you for being my family.