Biopsy Follow Up

Before I get into the nitty gritty just want to start off by saying my results did NOT indicate cancer. I know that's pretty much all many came to find out about so there you have it. Good news!

I however haven't been able to fully digest this news as good news. In part because the process was such a shit show and in part because no doctor has taken the time to sit down with me and go over my results. Thank God for friends in the medical field and Google for putting my mind at ease. 

Friday April 21st - Day of Biopsy
I was under the impression that I would be told something at this appointment, and the pathology report would be back by around Tuesday. After the radiologist's fourth attempt at obtaining a sample of my mass he finally succeeded. Lucky for me my mass was positioned in a way that he had to go through my areola (note the sarcasm). I was numb for the procedure, so while physically painless it was emotionally thrilling hearing the biopsy gun continue to go off as the radiologist missed and cursed audibly under his breath. Turns out his inability to easily obtain a sample was a good sign and that's about as much information I left the office with. Whatever - good news is good news - I'll take it. Thankfully I had a ride home because I was in serious pain within 20 minutes of leaving the office. If you ever have to get a biopsy - get a ride home.

Wednesday April 26 - Results take 1
I called every morning asking if my results were in. On Wednesday the woman over the phone said they were in but she couldn't tell me anything over the phone. She said I would have to come in and get them in person and she would have the report ready for me in 30 minutes. I was on my way to a pre-natal appointment (for a client - not myself) so had to wait about 2 hours. I took a dear friend with me to the office (in Jacksonville) and by the time we got there I was a nervous wreck. I walk up to the desk and the woman tells me that there was a mix up and my pathology results weren't in - only the report from radiology (which tells you zero in terms of useful information). I leave seriously flustered with no information. 

Monday May 1st - Results take 2
I continue calling every morning. Every day they say "Yes! We have your results". Every day I say "if you open the report is the pathology report back". "Oh - you're right. It's not here". By Monday my frustration was growing and they admitted confusion with the delay and said they would check with the lab and see what was taking so long (they said they would do this Friday too but I never heard back from them). I called the lab who said they never got the sample. I call back the imagining center and give them an ear full. They then tell me 'oh wait - the addendum just came through'. I head to the St. Augustine office and pick up my results. I scan the paper and see benign among words that don't particularly make much sense but feel thankful amid my frustration. This is finally over.

Tuesday May 2nd - Results take 3
I was out for lunch when my phone rang. It was the OB - I step aside and answer. The nurse tells me they have my results and they are probably benign but they want to refer me to a surgeon for a second opinion. I think they are just covering their asses and go back to lunch not thinking much of it. That evening I was texting with a good friend whose dad is a doctor. I went to text her the report so she could share with her dad to see if he could figure out why they were sending me for a second opinion. I take a picture of the documents I picked up the day prior. As it's sending I re-read the results. I note that it mentions I am a 41-year old woman with no symptoms and a family history of breast cancer. None of this is accurate. I do a double take and look at the top of the report only to find out the results they gave me the day before were not mine.  We will call this woman Sally. 

Wednesday - Results take 4
I call the imaging center flipping out and head to pick up my actual results as soon as I wake up. Good news - I actually got MY results. Not ideal at first glance - the benign word that was in the body of text in Sally's report was missing from mine. Medical terms I didn't understand followed by a recommendation for a consult with a surgeon and lastly by Bi-RADS score (which was marked as a 3 - "probably benign" - in fairness Sally had the same Bi-RADS score). I call back the OB and explain to the nurse the situation and let her know I still haven't heard from the surgeon. She said the surgeon they refer to doesn't accept my insurance and she's waiting to the doctor to get in to see what to do. She added that the OB wasn't worried about my results and didn't think I had to see the surgeon. 

It's 11pm on Friday and that's still all I know. It has been an exhausting and consuming nightmare. Thankfully friends and family in the medical field have filled in the gaps and translated my report for me. They have assured me that the results are indeed benign and the surgeon visit would likely be to address what actually is going on to cause my symptoms since they didn't find cancer cells. So here we are - still no idea what the heck is going on with gimpy. Pretty sure I've grown some grey hairs and wrinkles in record time these past two weeks. I am not worried. I AM annoyed and appalled by Precision Imaging and this entire process. So I guess this is a long winded cautionary tale that if you ever have a scare and are referred to them demand you are seen elsewhere. And if anyone ever tells me what is going on with gimp, I will add it here.