Cannon turns TWO | St. Augustine + Jacksonville Photographer

Cannon man,

I suppose as you turn two you're a considered a toddler in just about everyone's eyes. When I see you playing with your three year old sister side by side you certainly look like a toddler. But you will forever be my baby.  

Your language has exploded in the past month or two. Still just saying single words, but I don't know of any single words you don't say. You have THE CUTEST squeeky little voice ever. Every teeny word you say makes me smile. You also add "e" to the end of words which I adore. Like George is "georgie".

And oh are you obsessed with George! You finally will sit and watch TV - but ONLY if it's George. Needless to say you sister's are tired of watching so much of your favorite little monkey. Actually you refer to all monkeys as "Georgie". I think you are the human version of Curious George. Always getting into things. That mischievous little grin.

You perpetually have a bump on the center of your forehead as you trip over your feet about 20 times a day. Probably because you don't ever walk - you just run 24/7. Throwing things - mostly blocks - is another favorite past-time. You also love your bikes. You finally got handed down Lena's trike but don't understand the pedals. So you reach the ground with your tippy toes and run around on your bike, Flintstones style. Sometimes if you get enough momentum you will kick your feet up and squeak in excitement as the bikes rolls a couple feet. 

You're such a happy spirit and old soul - have been since the day you were born. Bursting at the seams with energy. You're far more daring then your sisters ever were. You also have a problem with hitting people when you don't get your way. We're working on it. 

I love you so painfully much my sweet little papa man. I am so thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday baby.