Fall Fun in St. Augustine | NE Florida Photographer

One year ago today Hurricane Matthew was roaring through our beautiful town. It was scary and devastating. The pumpkin church downtown had all of their pumpkins taken by the water from the storm and scattered about. Our town rallied in more ways that I can count. Fall looked and felt different than usual last year as we all recovered from the storm. Then came Irma. Two storms under a year has left this town, and myself, feeling a bit shell shocked and less optimistic.  But today we put those feelings aside and enjoyed our sweet town and some typical fall fun.

My day started out with my first day of fall minis. Everyone there was a repeat client and it was so good to see familiar faces. I really do love my families. Then I got the kids and we went to the pumpkin church and picked out pumpkins; three instead of our usual one because the importance of spending locally is very much on the radar. After we came home and made pumpkin pie followed by watching Ghost Busters (2017 costume spoiler!). It was a really, really sweet day (with it's fair share of crying because I still have two toddlers - and holy heck was it hot outside- but net sum a really great day). There's not really a point of this post but to share in my joy over our simple and splendid day. I will gladly take the good moments as they come. And while I am all for the real life and more interaction shots I am kind of loving that a picture exists where all three of my kids are looking and smiling (even if I did have to head swap my oldest from the previous shutter - shhh). Also white balance at a pumpkin patch at high noon is . . . rough!