“That family” | DIY Family Costumes

 It might be the cool thing to rag on the family who does DIY group costumes for Halloween but we are that family and proud! Growing up some of my favorite memories are going to Goodwill and searching for stuff to make my costume.  So every year now that I have kids we make a point to go to Goodwill for some costume inspiration. We also always do group costumes and take turns on who picks the theme. Needless to say some years are more fun than others LOL.  And every year we watch hocus-pocus and Ghostbusters and Casper and all of the Halloween classics.  Halloween is my Christmas.  Our costumes might be rough around the edges - some years even hot glued together. Some days I’d love to be more creatively talented (and have more time and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow). But I love our sloppy DIY tradition all the same. Wishing you all the most amazing Halloween!!


’it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ 



2017 : Ghostbusters  


2016: PJ Masks



2015: Bob’s Burgers



2014: How to Train Your Dragon



2013: Doc McStuffins



2012: Toy Story


2011: The Flinstones