Britax Clicktight: So easy your husband can install it

I recently had the privilege of attending the #JMBBritax event hosted by City Moms Blog + Britax. We got to hang out with other moms while eating yummy food and learning about car seat safety. They taught us all about their click tight car seat and the new rebound bar. And - best yet - we had a car seat specialist help us install our car seat and answer any questions about the seat / installation!


The Clicktight Seat:

I'm not going to lie - I hadn't heard of this seat before the event. When I saw the clicktight seat flip open for installation I was intimidated. BUT when I actually looked at it up close and went to install it myself it was SO. EASY. Every time we switch the car seats around it's always such a pain trying to tighten the seat and get it just right. The clicktight takes that step out of the equation and gets it just right as soon as you "click" the seat closed. My kids love to visit with their grandparents in Orlando (I love it just as much lol), which means there is lots of car seat rotation, so an easy to install carseat is ideal. To prove this I recorded my husband installing the carseat for the first time - took him a whole 40 seconds! Can't beat that! I should have recorded the "wiggle test" to include that it was installed right+tight - but I hit stop once he was done . .  you know. . . mom brain. 

The Rebound Bar:

The rebound bar is an awesome attachment for your car seat while your child is rear facing (which they should be until they are at least two). It attaches just as easy as the seat installs and rests against the vehicles seat that your child is facing. The rebound bar is there to keep the seat from flinging in towards the actual seat of the vehicle when there is an accident.


Fun Facts learned at the event:


  • Most car seats expire after six years, but this bad boy (Britax Advocate) is made with materials that allow it to go TEN years before it's expired! When you have multiple kids and you pass car seats down the sibling line this is so ideal! (note: you should never purchase a used car seat)
  • Having a car seat specialist there to check our seat was really beneficial. While in hind sight it seems like a no-brainer I leaned that when you do the "wiggle test" (try to move the seat to see if it wiggles to check that it's installed tightly enough) you're supposed to "wiggle" the seat from where it's installed. I had always tried to "wiggle" the seat at the top where the head goes and was frustrated that I could never get it tight enough based on that 'test'. Turns out I was just checking it wrong. This info saves me a lot of headache!
  • Also - I learned that it's often better to install seats with the seat-belt as opposed to the latch system. Why? Well turns out the latch system has a weight limit, and it's not a high one. Turns out most cars latch system have a weight limit of just 65 pounds! That's total weight- not just weight of the kids (and we all know car-seats aren't light, this particular seat is 30.2 pounds). A seat-belt on the other hand is meant to restrain a grown adult (and I don't know any 65 pound adults). So the seat belt is the way to go. And luckily the click-tight makes the seat belt install super easy and safe.
  • Britax is offering 25% off select car seats for the entire month of September! Check it out HERE