Summer turns 6 | St Augustine Photographer

I told myself it wasn't a big deal. Five felt like a huge deal, but six? Uneventful. Yet as I sit here, the night before my biggest baby turns six, it feels huge. There is no sugar-coating it or dancing around it- my first born is a full blown, seemingly giant, kid.

I can't remember life before her. I can hardly remember life when it was just her. It feels like she's always been there. It hit me today, that at age 6, she's closer to turning 10 than she is to the day she entered this world. Blew my frickin mind. I remember sitting on a friends floor when our biggest kids were just a few months old talking about how crazy it would be if we had big Kindergarten aged kids- yet now, here we are.  

This little lady really has taught me so much more about life and humanity then I could have ever imagined. As the oldest she's truly been my guinea-pig baby and we've made many of mistakes together, and much to my dismay I'm sure there are many mistakes still to come. But I am so inspired by her resilience in all aspects of life. It's fascinating and beautiful watching her grow, watching her change. She's so unapologetically unique and I just love her brave little soul.


Happy 6th birthday my nugget. Thank you for making me a mommy, and for guiding me down a path in life I may have never discovered on my own. Thank you for loving me even when I suck, and for reminding me of the importance of loving others when they suck too. Here's to many more years learning and growing together. I love you so, so much.


Today is the day. My baby is officially a six year old. I asked her what she wanted to do and she made a list: dumpster diving, Chic-fil-a, treasure store (good will), pool, and the fort. I was so excited that not only did she put dumpster diving on her list, but she put it first! When we were driving she said she put dumpster diving on the list because I liked it, and she wanted everyone to have fun for her birthday. My initial feeling was guilt, but I love that she has such a kind and giving heart.

We didn't do typical birthday pictures this year, I just carried my camera around and documented the day. She puts up with my camera a lot. Today I wanted her to just enjoy her special day without either of us worried about pictures, and she did. 

I sure to love this beautiful six year old.  

Here is my favorite shot from this past weekend camping in the Great Smokey Mountains. My proud artist drawing the most breathtaking view.