Cannon turns one! | St. Augustine Family Photographer

Cannon man.

My sweet sweet mister man.

Oh my goodness do I love you so much! When you were born you came into this world super chill and happy. I was nervous to get too excited - but a year in and it's clear that it's a part of YOU. You're always happy! You're also so clearly an old soul and always have been. You have this sideways little smirk when you know you're about to get into trouble - which is like 75 times a day (and it always gets you out of trouble with me and your dad). You're SO ACTIVE!! Like I cannot keep up - you just move move move then move some more - and you move faster, stronger and more reckless then your sisters ever did. You also LOVE sticks - mostly eating them. If anyone opens the front door you BOLT out it and head straight to the dirt patch outside - I think you may be part Jack Russell (karma for Eddie?). You LOVE being in the dirt - you're in destructive dirty heaven whenever we go outside. You're walking all over the place like you've been doing it for ages. I am happy that you're becoming more independent, but I do miss you're adorable bear crawl. You're a quiet little booger- but you have this super sweet and cute little "mmm" you make often. Unlike your sisters your first word was MAMA! Oh man. Loved it- still do! I hate when you're sad - but when you are I eat up your adorable "Ma-ma-ma-mom-ma-mom-om-om". Gah! Your big brown eyes just melt my heart - thought I'm glad you got the Cannon genes and kept the blonde hair. Oh your poor hair haha! You rocked the old man hair style a good portion of the year. It's finally coming in more - straight on top and curls in the back - peach fuzz connects the two patches so I'm interested to see how that progresses as you age. You have learned quick to stand up to the fierce being that is Lena and watching the two of you interact absolutely cracks me up. I love you little man.

You're a special one - I can feel it in my bones. 

Happy first birthday my sweet boy.

I am so lucky to call you my son. 


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