Happy Fathers Day | St. Augustine Family Photographer

I have always known that I am unmistakably similar to my mom in countless ways. What has been really cool is to discover as I age - ways that I am similar to my dad as well. Things I've grown interest in - beliefs I've come to hold as an adult and as a parent - I am finding are often rooted in my dad. My love of Asheville and the mountains. My love of stand up comedy. My religious beliefs. My smart-ass tendencies. My love of the ocean and boats. My mathematical mind & inability to spell. My desire to live closer to nature and further from western medicine. All of these things - and so many more I can't put into words (especially with such little sleep) - I get without a doubt from my dad. 

Like many people - I think my dad is the greatest ever. So often we struggle to make time to actually live and enjoy life while we run ourselves ragged in the rat race of modern day life. The one thing that stands out to me about my dad above all else is how has always been a glowing example of making life count - and doing what makes you happy above all else. I am so very thankful for that. He has always been a fan of family first. He has always supported me. He has always made me laugh. He has always busted his butt in everything he does. I can always call him for an answer when something in the house (or car) is malfunctioning. 

To my dad - my supporter- my role model - my sons namesake : I love you. Thank you. Happy Fathers Day. 


And in honor of this special day - here are a few pictures of other awesome fathers I've photographed. Wishing all the dads - in all their countless forms - the happiest of days!

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St Augustine Beach Daddy and me photo session
St Augustine Family Photographer
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