Meet Levi Coy!

Oh sweet Levi! This little dude was born on the 4th of July. As if that isn't cool enough he was born in caul- which makes it even cooler! When I saw a picture of him I was like "OH he looks just like big brother G. Then the first time I saw him it was like he was a carbon copy of big brother B. Then when I went to take pictures I kept thinking 'I'm photographing a mini version of his dad'! It's so awesome that he has so much of all of them in him!

His cuteness aside- newborns are hard. They are so unpredictable. And they poop a lot (Levi was a pooping machine- we got a pretty good laugh from it!). And I've said it before- indoor lighting and I are not friends. If I offer or suggest to do pictures for you indoors- RUN! lol! Well you don't have to run but I would certainly suggest you remind me that it's not a good idea ;)

Anyway I hope you enjoy his pictures as much as I enjoyed him!