St. Augustine Family Photographer | Back to the Basics


I have been in SUCH a creative rut lately! Which can happen when your passion becomes your job. It becomes easy to lose sight of the spark. Even worse is the comparison bug thats snuck in recently. YUCK. I went from feeling on top of the world about my business to feeling like garbage and that I don't know what I am doing and my images suck and my gear sucks and my editing sucks and generally everything BAD. . . Nope. . . Sooooo I decided to take my camera out when I went out with my son this morning. Thursdays it's just me and him while his sisters are in school. I adore the one on one time with his sweet soul. I was able to take pictures I wanted - when I wanted - with no pressure if they came out decent. Take my time adjusting my settings because we weren't on a watch and I wasn't fearful that I would look like I didn't know what I was doing. I got to shoot without trying to rally multiple children. Then I was able to edit how I want. Go farther than I usually do - just play around in photoshop which I have not done in AGES. Ahhhhh. I feel so much better. And ready for my shoots coming up. My calendar is a MESS!! I need to come up with a better system to sync everything in 2018. I currently use google sheets + google calendar - but would love something a little less. . . manual LOL. So if you use something to stay organized that you love - please share!! In the mean time enjoy our day at the beach. 

In Hospital Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Jax + St. Aug Photographer

Such a sweet newborn session! I’ve been in many labor and delivery rooms since having my babies - but I’m not usually on the postpartum/ recovery side of things. Oh the feels. I’m so excited to be capturing these sessions! This baby was seriously THE most adorablly expressive newborn you ever did see! Total mommas boy- I adored capturing these two in their sacred & quiet space before life with two big brothers and the every day hustle moves in <3

Little Lady E | A Home Birth Fresh 48 Story | Jacksonville + St Augustine Newborn Photographer

This lady's newborn session couldn't have gone better! This family nailed it. Big brother as batman? You betcha! Camera happy fur baby? YUP. I am willing to bet that in 20 years batmans parents will remember and chuckle at his determination to wear his costume far more than they would have remembered picking out matching outfits. This family is picture perfect and it was such an honor to document them in all their glory! Oh and the momma of this tribe is Jen of Mumda. Super star doula/ local business owner. If you're looking for support during your pregnancy / birth she's an incredible resource! 


But before I get to the meat and potatoes of the session I have to stop and chuckle at what a perfectly posed little newborn this sweet girl was when I walked in. If you want a lifestyle session - plan on a posed newborn session - and turns out - if you want a posed newborn session - plan on a lifestyle session LOL!